Ioannina 2021 - Candidate European Capital of Culture

Ioannina 2021 - Candidate European Capital of Culture

Greece is changing, Europe is growing, but Ioannina remains the same. Sometimes stagnation means stability and therefore, timeless value. This durability makes present Ioannina stand out in Greece and throughout Europe. So our favorite city is getting ready for battle and shall be nominated for European Capital of Culture. In a Europe of economic and serious social problems, one institution fights to hold the flag of a civilization of the old continent up. Ioannina could not be absent from this cultural arena. We hope 2021 will be a promising year for our country and for Europe. The same year would have a great symbolism if, ultimately, Ioannina is the capital of Europe...

Clearly we don’t mean a capital in Brussels standards or the financial capital of Europe Frankfurt. We expect the capital of our hearts to bring out details in the world that we here in Ioannina enjoy every day. Ioannina is not just a simple city that survived through the centuries and therefore there is a serious argument. The cultural reflexes come combined with its natural wealth. A value really invaluable.

Starting the journey of the mind and soul one will find themselves in Ancient Dodoni. The global and Greek scientific community enjoys with admiration this part of the world. For many historians and researchers, it is the cradle of Greek civilization. The sex of the Pelasgians was active in the area and subsequently a culture that rightly reflects as world heritage was developed. Ancient Dodoni includes the sanctuary dedicated to Zeus, the theater, the parliament and the Prytaneion. A culture valley stigmatized history.

The Perama Cave is another strong point for the city of Ioannina. Discovered just in 1940, it quickly became a place of tourist attraction since it is an important cultural heritage and an important milestone in Greek caving. Inside it, someone will enjoy nature in the role of an artist and by the exit they will be vindicated for choosing it by overlooking the whole city and of course the legendary lake Pamvotis, of dame Frosini, from up high.

Ioannina did not stop at the clock of history but developed further. Witnesses of this development are the city's museums. From the Byzantine and Folklore to dozens of museums and exhibitions till the sheepfold of Sarakatsani. Ioannina have periods and events in their cultural quiver that cannot be identified worldwide. The coexistence of people of different cultures has created a colorful, but a homogeneous cultural puzzle.

Finally, because as they say love goes through the stomach, it's impossible not to make a reference to the sweets of Ioannina, as well as the dishes and wines. It's one more good reason for someone to love Ioannina. In 2021, we want the whole Europe to fall in love with us. The increase of visits in the city will give a major economic breath to the region and to our country. The most important event is the celebration of Ioannina’s cultural history, as is appropriate to the city. Ioannina European Capital of Culture for 2021. It is the year that time stops to highlight the grandeur of Epirus.

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