Beauty & Wellness Spa

Aar Hotel & Spa guarantees not only a pleasant stay, but also memorable experiences of wellness and beauty.

We invite you to discover one of the most beautiful areas of the hotel where you can enjoy a deeper sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Give yourself a great gift of health and beauty. Choose among a variety of massage treatments and just relax in an atmospheric private place.

Services & Facilities

Use sauna if you want to benefit yourself physically and mentally as it’s use affects positively the central nervous system, improves the blood circulation and sweat glands but mainly fights stress and relax the body.

You can also choose hammam if you wish a smooth and clean skin and a body free of muscle pains and fatigue symptoms.

The beneficial value of water is timeless and undeniable. So enjoy a massage treatment in the Jacuzzi under the lights of the candles with the authentic Balinese music.

Besides this, the well trained staff is able to offer additional specialized body and facial therapies.

Our hotel offers special packages for those who wish a full body and facial treatment.

Aar Hotel & Spa created this area as a revitalizing gift for the visitors and the residents of Ioannina too.

Opening hours

The spa for treatments, massages, body and face care, as well as for the use of Sauna / Hammam is open from 14:00 - 22:00 Tuesday - Saturday.


Visit the Spa of our hotel and enjoy unique moments of relaxation and rejuvenation! Choose one of our packages in the best prices!

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If you want to offer a unique and special gift you are in the perfect place! Give your loved ones a gift voucher for spa services and make them really happy!