Activities in Ioannina

Check out all the activities offered in the region of Ioannina and in close distance from Aar Hotel & Spa.


For extreme sport lovers and seekers of adrenaline, rafting is certainly a great choice, even more when natural beauty exists.

Voidomatis route would be our proposal. Starting from the bridge of Aristi, you will find a 5klm green route of almost one and a half hour. This is for sure a heavenly route, as at the end you will be astonished by the huge trees reaching the sky!

Another one unique option is Aracthos, where you can choose between numerous routes, difficult or not, such as that from Politsa bridge to that of Plaka or Tzari and that from the bridge of Tsibovo to that of Plaka. Your choice depends on difficulty and time.


Ioannina is a city of amazing natural beauty, offering exquisite walking routes that you wouldn’t want to miss.

For those who desire a not tiring route, the choice of Voidomatis to the core of national park Vikos - Aoos is ideal.

As for the bold ones, walking in Vikos is a great option. It’s about hiking from the village Monodendri till Vikos village which lasts almost 6 hours and it’s of medium difficulty.

For the experienced ones, there’s a route of Drakolimni Timfi which lasts almost 10 hours from Mikro Papingo towards Drakolimni.

Finally, for those who want to remain close to Ioannina, there’s the route Ligiades and the shelter of Mitsikeli. A unique route with extraordinary view to lake Pamvotis!


Another option, considering the numerous canyons of Ioannina would be canyoning. Nature and sport lovers would be able to choose among 3 routes depending on difficulty and time.

The route towards Vikaki canyon from Tsepelovo village to Zagori Gardens is no ropes and of medium difficulty, but lasts almost 4 hours.

The route to Papadima canyon, by the village Charokopi is hard but lasts almost 2 hours. You would be able to use 7 - 8 rappel ropes.

Finally, for those who have some experience, the route to the Klifki canyon from the Kalentzi village would be ideal. There you can use 7 - 8 rappel ropes.

Horse Riding

A very well-known sport since the antiquity, which is very well organized in our city. Visitors, have the chance to enjoy unique routes such as Papigo in Zagori and Lazena in Tzoumerka too.

Pick a short of a long route and be amazed by the wild natural view and the magical deep red sunrise over the mountains of Pindos.


Parapente is the “freedom of flying” according to those who had tried it, and those who love it speak of a journey of images that stays always in your memory.

If you visit our city, don’t hesitate to taste this unique experience of complete freedom. Choose a flight from Konitsa, the village of Aspraggeloi in Zagori or the village Perivlepto, located 15 minutes away from Ioannina.