Every 15th of August in Epirus

Every 15th of August in Epirus

If there is one month in this planet's calendar that is purely of Greek color, it is August. It is the only month of the year that the major urban centers are empty and the lights of the world fall into the Greek countryside and our islands. The blue sky embraces the Greek earth and becomes one with the Greeks and foreigners who enjoy it. In this context, Greeks and foreigners enjoy local traditions and celebrations that they are very likely to learn for the first time. Especially in August, the 15th of August is a top celebration for Orthodox Greece and a great opportunity to get to know some traditions around it.

In Ioannina, 15th of August means feast, celebrations, smiles and devoutness. Epirotes know how to honor the Mother of God and do it in their own unique way. This feast is not random for Orthodoxy and Hellenism. It is connected with the consciousness of Epirus and therefore they make sure that this day is going to be unique.

Ensuring your stay in AAR Hotel, you will not only enjoy an excellent and luxurious stay. The hotel is the ideal base to experience the Epirus tradition at the heart of August. The options are many... starting with Paleopirgos Pogoniou! There you will see the "Ntolia". In the custom, the Ntoli pasha appointed by the elders, drinks three glasses of wine or three times, each time clinking with another attendee. Then he dedicates a song to him and the feast begins. In turn, those who have clinked glasses dedicate songs to the ones they want.

The meaning of the celebration is the harmony among villagers. In this way, misunderstandings are resolved and the party turns everyone in a feast communicant. Then, it is time for the traditional dances of the region until the early hours!

Leaving Paleopirgos you can enjoy the feast of15th of August in the notorious Zagoria. This miracle of Epirus nature will take you on a metaphysical journey in conjunction with the solemnity and festivities of villages such as Tsepelovo. This is a village that if the Alps could add to their "palmare", they surely would. The Alps of Epirus with the high mountains, the gorges and lakes celebrate the 15th of August in a unique way.

Both in Vítsa and Tsepelovo, three-day religious festivals are held with wine and dancing all day and night. A three-day celebration open to everyone, with the locals taking the reigns on the third day. Traditional dances and local objectives make the night unique. Zagorohoria knows well of feasts and has folk music as a great weapon to their "quiver" with their well-known musicians raising the spirits of those present.

The heart of Epirus beats in Ioannina on the 15th of August. Every summer day is a different experience. The people of Ioannina know how to pass their time beautifully and like to share those beautiful moments. Epirus is an All Time Classic and the beacon of August, 15th of August, proves it...