Ioannina ! An erotic city!

Ioannina ! An erotic city!

When people are surrounded by love, it is more beautiful. The same applies to Ioannina. It is not Rome, Paris or London. It is the capital of Epirus and apart from the beautiful nature and history it will become an erotic destination that more couples will still love than today.

Moreover, Ioannina does not have to envy anything from a major European city. The city combines the Epirus culture with European standards. It is a rare phenomenon and therefore visitors of Ioannina are not satisfied only with a one­time visit.

In big Italian cities, the Seine and the Thames love padlocks are observed. These padlocks are hung on bridges by lovers in order to leave their mark. Apparently the padlock symbolizes the eternity, the "locked" love between two people. The problem presented in several cities was that love using this expressive style was weight ... A typical example is the Paris municipality, where one of the famous bridges of the Seine River padlocks weighted 45 tons.

Then the municipality proceeded by removing the padlocks so as not to jeopardize the staticness of the bridges.

Lovers, now, "hit" and Ioannina. In the lakeside area of the city, named Scala. It is an area with railings around the lake. Moreover, the fact is: That lovers "hit" and Pamvotis lake. Padlocks full of couples' names are locked in a row. The issue of aesthetics is subjective, but important is the positive aura that offers these couples in our city. Once again love proves to be an inspiration and expression source. Since the beginning of the world until today ...

Clearly, love is a feeling strong and beautiful, but not sufficient by itself. And it needs its own domain, its own atmosphere. For example, Paris is the definition of the erotic city. In France, there are many beautiful cities, but Paris has a prominent place in the hearts of lovers. Ioannina is a romantic city! It is an area in the territory that has played out historical moments and of course erotic moments can not be absent from the story. Not accidentally, the famous story of Kyra Frosini. A love is hidden behind a drowning in this lake. In the same lake that today lovers leave their heart padlocks and make romantic walks. If you do not walk along the Ioannina lake you will not feel the breeze that this city carries.

Ioannina is not another touristic destination. The city of Ioannina is a journey of the mind and soul. The ticket for this trip is time. It travels you to times consisted of a puzzle of different types of culture. In this puzzle, the perfect combination emerges. History and Nature. What else does a heart need to feel that it is in its erotic home? If they say that Paris is the home of love, then we don't have anything else but to invite you to the summer­house of love. Ioannina is a city of the heart and it is proved every day.