Ancient theater of Dodoni

The theater of Dodoni was part of the panhellenic sanctuary of Dodoni, and it was constructed in the 3rd century B.C. by King Pyros of Epirus(297-272 B.C.) who wanted to decorate his kingdom with architectural monuments and buildings.

The capacity of the theater is 18.000 spectators and is 22 km away from Ioannina but only 7 km away from our hotel.

The hollow of the theater was placed at the foot of the Mount Tomaros in a natural cavity to take advantage of the sloping terrain which was the usual practice in the construction of the ancient greek theaters. The orchestra of the theater is not a complete cycle and has a diameter of almost 18,70m.

The theater suffered successive disasters, reconstructions and formations. The first excavations began in 1875 and last until today. The theater of Dodoni takes life during the summer months when many performances take place.