The castle of Ioannina

The castle of Ioannina is built in the southeast city next to Pamvotis Lake.

It exists since 528 A.D. when the emperor Justinian decided to build it in order to fortify the Byzantine empire which till then it was the highest administrative center in Greece. The current form of the castle is different than the old one because Ali Pasa decided at 1815 to rebuild it.

Inside the castle there are two Acropolis, the northeast known as Acropolis of Asla and the southeast known as Acropolis of Its Kale. You can visit also the Serai of Ali Pasa with the byzantine museum of the city, the treasury, the church of St.Anargyroi, the Fethiye mosque, the tomb of Ali Pasa, the mosque of Aslan Pasa, the tourbe, the mentresse, the turkish library, the Soufari Serai, the byzantine bath, the hammam and finally the Jewish synagogue.